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Executive Director

David Royle, Executive Director


Life has been very positive and rewarding for me.  Having had the opportunity to attend Peacham Academy, Geneva College, University of Pennsylvania, and the University of New Hampshire, has given me many rewarding opportunities to explore.  Becoming a special education teacher, a church youth leader/minister, and the Executive Director for At Home, has given me many opportunities to help, assist, and build relationships with many people.  Asking the right lady to marry me 52 years ago has made my life richer and rewarding.  Being in the field of education, our lives have been intertwined with people, and we have formed lasting relationships with so many wonderful people.  Some of the activities that I have participated in have helped me understand local and state issues.  I was appointed by the Governor of New Hampshire to be on The New Hampshire State Developmental Disability Council.  I am a ballot clerk for New London, serve on the Community Action Committee for New London, I am a member of the Heidelberg Lodge No. 92, have served two terms as a deacon of the First Baptist Church in New London, and served as the First Baptist Church Moderator for four years. I was nominated as Outstanding Teacher of the Year in the state of Massachusetts.  I was President of the Concord, New Hampshire, Teacher’s Union for 10 years. I am Chairman of the Peacham Academy Alumni Association in Peacham, Vermont. I am very blessed.