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Is this a duplication of services already available in At Home…?

At Home…is designed to complement the excellent services available in our community, not duplicate them. The benefit is that you have additional, simple access to help through our Resource and Referral services.

If I have an emergency, how can you help?

If it’s a medical emergency, you should call 911 or your physician. If it’s a home emergency – for example, if you need help with your home arrangements when you’re in the hospital – then call the Resource Center to explain your needs. The Center is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, and emergency contacts on weekends.

Can I sign up my parent(s) to become members?

Yes, it would be a wonderful gift of assurance for you and your parent(s) if they could call At Home… when they need help.

Can you notify me if my parents have any problems?

We can notify you if you’re listed as an emergency contact for your parents.

If I’m not ready for any of the services now, why should I join?

By joining you’ll benefit now, even if you don’t “need it” now. You’ll have access to vetted service providers and you can participate in At Home…activities and events. You’ll help your friends who may well need help now, and you’ll make new friends by participating in activities and by volunteering to help others. As a member, you’ll also have direct input into how At Home… can serve you both now and in the future. And you gain assurance for your future knowing At Home… will be there when you need it.

Will all information about me be kept confidential and secure?

Yes, information will be kept confidential.

What makes At Home… different from other programs already available in the community?
At Home… is a resource and referral services that assists with the coordination of services in your own home, similar to those offered in a retirement community. Although several programs and services are available in our area At Home… is the only non-profit organization in the area that thoroughly screens its vendors and offers volunteers who focus on older adults, while providing consumer advocacy services to its members. Membership includes a comprehensive array of services that facilitate members’ ability to remain in the comfort and security of your own home.

Do you work with other agencies that provide similar services?
At Home… is committed to networking with established organizations to the fullest extent possible. We realize the importance of constantly identifying unmet needs and finding ways to meet them – first by locating existing programs, and then by creating new services through extensive collaboration in the community.

If I am not satisfied with the At Home…program, may I cancel whenever I want?

Yes. You may cancel your membership in At Home… whenever you wish. Before doing so, we request that you call and tell us why you are dissatisfied with the At Home…program.

What are the terms for AtHome… membership?
Membership is for a full year. The Executive Director visits each potential member to determine their unique needs.

How much does it cost to join At Home…?

Individual (single person in household) is $300/yr

Household (any 2 people in the same household) is $450/year

Additional individual in household is $150/y