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AT HOME MISSION STATEMENT: At Home in Newbury, New London, Springfield, Sunapee, Sutton and Wilmot (AT HOME…) is a nonprofit organization founded to enable residents of these towns to live independently in their homes with confidence and dignity by providing resource and referral services

.AT HOME… will provide members in its service area with a one-stop resource for services and referrals, a clearing house, and provide volunteer services to members. Services include transportation, transportation outside the service area, grocery shopping, telephone check-in, in-home companionship, home maintenance and repair, safety review of the home, in-home assistance, exercise and recreation, home technology support and social/cultural opportunities. One primary function of AT HOME… is to respond to member requests as quickly as possible and to determine if members are satisfied with the services. Any service concerns should be addressed to the Executive Director.

Volunteers are an integral part of the AT HOME… organization. Volunteers are part-time, trained, unpaid helpers who interact with and provide needed services to the age-advantaged. Safety and confidentiality training is provided for all volunteers. Volunteers will be expected to be available on the days and times to provide services. Members will be contacted after the volunteer services to obtain feedback on service quality and timeliness. Volunteers will have access to feedback information.

Dependability: It is very important that volunteers be consistent in fulfilling their commitments. Volunteer hours will be recorded by the volunteer. If you are not able to, volunteer, please let the office know as far in advance as possible. This permits time for the AT HOME… office to recruit a substitute for the assigned work. More than two absences without 3 hours advance notice may result in termination of the assignment.

Confidentiality: AT HOME… volunteers interact with members in numerous situations both in and outside the home. Under no circumstances should a volunteer tell anyone except the Executive Director about a member’s health, business, personal affairs, conversation or concerns. It is strictly prohibited to access any member information that does not have direct relevance to volunteer duties nor to share any member information with others. Any breech of member confidentiality will lead to prompt termination of the AT HOME volunteer relationship.

Volunteers should be aware of HIPPA (Federal Privacy Rule) regulations pertaining to member privacy.

Dress Code: Photo ID must be worn above the waist by volunteers at all times when on assignment. Care must be taken to look neat and presentable. Shoes and shirt are required. Closed shoes are recommended for safety. Perfume, hair spray, aftershave and other cosmetics with fragrances or strong scent should be avoided.

Personal phone calls as well as texting while on duty as a volunteer are discouraged. Family and friends can leave messages for a volunteer at the AT HOME office.

Assignments: If you have vacation plans or wish to take a leave of absence, the Executive Director should have two weeks notice when possible

If for any reason you decide you would like to serve in a different capacity or leave the AT HOME organization, please notify the Executive Director. Feedback about the volunteer experience is welcomed and always helpful.

If an AT HOME volunteer comes upon a person who is having difficulty breathing, unconscious, complaining of chest pain, muscle weakness, difficulty speaking or any symptoms of a stroke, the volunteer is to call 911 immediately!